KICL supports connecting to Twitch IRC as well as the various Twitch-specific features there.


public class TwitchExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Client client = Client.builder()
        // etc.
  • The server password has to be the OAuth token, with oauth: as a prefix.
  • Nickname has to be the twitch username.
  • See the TwitchSupport javadocs for more details.


With TwitchSupport used, KICL requests the following capabilities:

    • Enables Twitch-specific commands.
    • Enables receiving JOIN/MODE/NAMES/PART.
    • Enables receiving Twitch-specific message tags.

The various Twitch features in KICL can be found in the package org.kitteh.irc.client.library.feature.twitch